More lockdown art

During lockdown I was able to get a whole lot of work done. Inspiration comes from many places, and for this next work I was inspired by advertisements - mostly for car parts - from old books that were hand drawn, rather than the computer generated fandangle we have now.


I think the best car to paint for this is a simple two tone car, and what better than the black and gold of John Player Special? Quite a number of cars and drivers to choose from. Formula 1 to touring cars, but for me there was one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Ronnie Peterson drove the JPS liveried Lotus' for a number of years - the Lotus 72, 76, 77, 78 and 79 all were thrown - quite literally - around grand prix circuits during the seventies. Of course it had to be the venerable 72 didn't it? One of the most well known cars in F1 history, the model doing six seasons service before finally being replaced. 

A bit of a challenge - no layering as per usual, just black onto the yellow - no mistakes allowed!

Before you get upset about it being yellow as oppose to gold, Lotus started using more of a yellow hue in '74 due to the gold not really standing out enough, especially on television. Fun fact: In previous years gold paint wasn't used for the lettering and pinstripes, it was double sided tape, then given a layer of actual gold leaf!