Still locked down

Well we're still locked down for another week until the rules are relaxed a little. You're probably sick of hearing about it, and would rather see the finished Bruce McLaren artwork. Good thing I'm here.

After finishing Bruce and his helmet, the last piece of the puzzle was Denny's car Bruce was testing that day.


Got so motivated I didn't take an earlier pic! The car itself is all but done, with basically just the sign writing to finish.



The money shots? Purely just for scale - using a small brush and thinned paint I managed to get the smaller decals about right, while the 'two orange fivers' shows the size of the whole car.

The last part was to add a track for the M8D to be on. With the whole background in papaya orange, the natural choice was the dark blue, same as the sign writing on the car.

And with that we have a completed painting!


Title: June 2, 1970. © Kieran Roberts.