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Volcanic Drive
Chris Amon drifts his Matra MS120D around a corner at Clermont - Ferrand during the 1972 French G.P.
It was another race that Amon should have won, but true to his luck it wasn't to be. Qualifying on pole, the luckless Amon out - drove the rest of the field on the perilous circuit snaking it's way around an extinct volcano. However, the sharp volcanic chip stones soon made their way onto the track as drivers cut corners looking for a faster line. Helmut Marko's career ended when one of these stones pierced his helmet visor, permanently blinding his left eye. Punctures were aplenty, and one of Amon's tyres soon fell victim, and he dropped down the order pitting for replacement rubber. With the wheel jammed on, his stop took almost a full minute, rejoining in ninth place. He then began a charge back through the field, with the V12 Matra engine wailing like a Banshee. Smashing the lap record, Amon drove like a man possessed, passing his competitors all around the twisting mountainous road, before running out of laps, and coming home in third place.
Original arcrylic on canvas
20" x 30" (51 x 76cm)
$1,500 NZD