Motorsport art originals.

Remember the good old days? When cars looked and sounded better? I can't provide a soundtrack, but I can give you a highly detailed, richly coloured original artwork for that boring wall that stares at you.

Are you a Ferrari, Porsche, or McLaren man? A Villeneuve, Siffert, or Amon fan?
Perhaps you're lucky enough to own a classic Grand prix, sports racer, or saloon car. Or maybe you want a painting of THAT race you were at, watching your heroes battle it out in those amazing machines. Every time you close your eyes and think about it, you still get tingles down your spine and your hair stands on end. It still seems unbelieveable the way he grabbed that car by the scruff of the neck, and dragged it through the pack to challenge the leaders...

I bring my love (and your love) of motor racing onto canvas, to recreate some of the most historic racing scenes, with iconic cars, drivers, and paint schemes, mainly from my favourite racing period of the 60s and 70s - when cars were designed without wind tunnels, and circuits were picturesque pieces of tarmac, often sandwiched between trees without any thought on safety.

I also do commissions, so you can have your favourite car / driver immortalized in paint - even your own classic ride!
If you are interested in owning a Kieran Roberts original, or would like to commission one, simply email,, or contact me using the 'Contact Me' page.

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